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The Ballet Garden Rules & Etiquette

1.     Dancers are expected to be respectful and courteous towards all instructors, staff members, and guests of the studio, as well as all fellow dancers.  


2.      Out of respect for the instructor and all dancers, please do not interrupt classes to speak with your child’s teacher. Anyone needing to speak to an instructor should make an appointment through the office or via email at


3.     Dancers are expected to have respect for the property of the studio, in and outside of the facility, including the studios, the lobby, the boutique, parking lot and exterior property. If you play with the toys, books, etc. in the lobby, we ask that when you leave you put everything back the way you found it. 


4.     Dancers are expected to arrive on time and attend classes regularly. Please let your teacher know ahead of time if your Dancer is going to be late and or absent. 


5.     Dancers must wear a leotard & footed tights to every class. Dancers are allowed to wear leotards with attached skirts or ballet skirts. Dancers are allowed to wear dance shorts over their leotard. No cotton shorts, pants, t-shirts are allowed. 


6.     Dancers should use the bathroom before class. Leaving not only disrupts the class but your child may miss out on valuable warm-ups or combinations. Please discuss this with your child.


7.     Gum, food or drinks of any kind other than water are not permitted inside the Studios. Snacks/drinks are allowed in the Studio lobby  but please help keep our Studio clean and dispose of all trash. 


8.     Tuition is due the 1st of each month and a $10 late fee is assessed if paid after the 5th. There will be NO REFUNDS for missed classes. A $25.00 per new student , non refundable registration fee is required to register for class(es). A $20.00 fee is charged for all returned checks. 


9.     Inclement Weather -  Classes may be canceled due to snow or icy conditions. These classes will be made up.  If you are not sure whether a class will be held, please check The Ballet Garden website and The Ballet Garden Facebook page for any closings or information related to inclement weather. 


10.    The Ballet Garden follows the Polk County School District schedule.  The studio will be closed during Labor Day; Fall, Thanksgiving, & Christmas breaks; MLK Day; President's Day and Spring break. 

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